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Gardening Resource Guide

Gardening Resource Guide

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Beginning to garden is thrilling, but can also be extremely overwhelming. People have been tending plants since the Garden, so there is a lot of information available! I try not to take an adversarial approach to nature and gardening, instead opting to understand the God-given systems that operate in my garden and work to enforce them, rather than fight them. But this is just one approach; there are so many ways you can garden, and the suggestions below are based on my style of growing. I have included books that I love on a variety of gardening topics, as well as sources for materials and tools that I know to be reliable.

I am primarily a vegetable gardener, though I also grow a lot of flowers. I pursue an organic style of gardening, but not one based on capital-O certified organic gardening. My primary focus is in creating healthy soil and ecosystems where plants, animals, and insects can thrive—thus helping the people thrive, too. I don’t use pesticides or insecticides (though I will use copper spray for fungal infections on trees, or Neem to keep grasshoppers off my saplings), and treat problems as indications that there is an imbalance that needs to be addressed. (Except for squash bugs and hornworms. I squish those without hesitation.)

I am also a super experimental gardener—I like unusual plants, trying unconventional solutions, and seeing what happens. Some or all of this may interest you, or not. Either way, my advice is to keep an open mind. Every gardener has wildly different experiences, even from people in the yard next door. Try some things and find your style! And remember: there’s always next season.



Many of these books are available via local libraries, so check there before buying a copy!

 garden with trellis

General Gardening



Soil Health & Compost

small pots of seedlings and seed trays

Deep Dives


 herb pot with gardening tools




 pea trellisses


Permaculture & Non-Traditional


 canning pantry


Canning & Preserving




Seed Starting, Saving & Breeding


 woman holding a watering can while touching yellow and white flowers


Medicinals & Perennials


mushrooms on a cutting board 




 book stack next to fruit in a burlap bag


Garden Writing




Accounts to Follow


Note: In all online media, beware of gardening accounts that are primarily trying to sell you products or subscriptions. Classes are and can be incredibly valuable, but keep an eye on what is being sold in whatever content you are engaging with. If possible, I always try to check out any free resources or sample classes to see if the investment may be worthwhile. Most of what you really need to know can be picked up from books or experience, so try it yourself and seek a class if you need to level up your knowledge.



Seeds, Plants, Tubers, Roots (U.S.)


Trees & Perennial Foods (U.S.)


Amendments (U.S.)

Soil (U.S.)

          • Fox Farm (nationwide)
          • GP Living Soils (Oklahoma)
          • Your local soil or compost maker—there are quite a few of these places, but you may have to ask around to find them! Check with growers at your local farmers market, or with a local nursery if you have one that grows their plants on site.

Mushroom Spawn & Supplies (U.S.)

Tools & Supplies


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