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Your Little Church

Our planners feature daily information from the Orthodox Christian liturgical calendar, including feasts, saints, fasting days, scripture readings, plus so much more.
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New & Old Calendar

Our planners are suitable for either New Calendar (Revised Julian) or Old Calendar (Julian) churches, in different versions. Whether you celebrate Christmas in December (New) or January (Old), we have you covered!

Bringing It Home

“For indeed, a house is a little church. Thus it is possible for us, by becoming good husbands and wives, to surpass all others.” –St. John Chrysostom


Making Orthodox Planners


The first Little Church Planner was released


Mustard Seed Homeschool Planner arrived


Seasonal planners & study guides debuted


Salt & Light Student Planner arrived


Greetings Collections debuted


The Little Church Planner turns five!


Who We Are

Parousia Press takes its name from the Greek word parousia (παρουσία)—an arrival or official visit, as from a king or emperor. In the Christian tradition, parousia is the Second Coming of Christ, the event for which we spend our Earthly lives preparing.

The people who make up Parousia Press are Natalia and Maria: adult converts to the Orthodox Church, homeschooling moms (between us, we have eight children under the age of twelve), and generally busy people. We know the daily struggle to find time for our spiritual lives amid the demands of housework, schoolwork, and the rest. We strive to live our daily lives in sync with the church calendar but it is difficult to juggle information from Scripture, the Synaxarion, prayer books, and the liturgical calendar.

So we set out to create the resources we wanted but could not find: organizing tools and homeschooling resources that keep Christ, Scripture, saints, feasts, and fasting before us every day. Our aim is to create tools that unite our spiritual lives with our daily lives, thereby truly inhabiting our little churches.

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