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Church New Year

Church New Year

September first marks the beginning of a new Liturgical Year. This date has been the traditional new year of the Church for millennia, and was also observed in the Byzantine and Russian empires.

To welcome the beginning of the liturgical cycle, there are many traditions (small “t”!) you can observe. If you’re a homeschooler, this comes at the perfect time to tie the Liturgical Year into the school year!



  • Have each member of the family select an icon and place those icons on the doorstep outside your home. Pray for the intercession of those saints during the coming year!
  • Create spiritual goals together as a family.
  • Add feast days to your family calendar. If you use a calendar that already includes church feasts, be sure you mark family name days and your family feast day (slava)!
  • This is also an ideal time to do some physical tidying up of your spiritual life! Start the new year by dusting your icons, checking how much incense and charcoal you have, and how many candles or how much lamp oil you have. This is also an excellent time to cense your home if you haven’t done so lately! Caring for your icon corner is a great opportunity to show our love for the church and saints to children in a tangible way.


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