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Orthodox Christian Resources for St. Nicholas

Orthodox Christian Resources for St. Nicholas

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Without a doubt, one of the most beloved saints of the Church is St. Nicholas of Myra. In recent years, a popular movement to discover the origins of Santa Claus has led many people to the rich history of how Orthodox Christians have celebrated St. Nicholas' feast day on December 6 NS/19 OS. Read on for our collection of traditions for celebrating St. Nicholas in your little church!



Traditions & Activities


St. Nicholas Day Snow
The Saint Nicholas Day Snow by Charlotte Riggle


St Nicholas: The Real Story of the Christmas Legend


The Legend of St. Nicholas



Baker's Dozen: A St. Nicholas Day Tale
The Baker's Dozen by Aaron Shepard and Wendy Edelson



St. Nicholas and the Nine Gold Coins



The Miracle of St. Nicholas
The Miracle of St. Nicholas by Gloria Whelan



Click here for more resources to observe the Nativity Fast & Advent.

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