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Every product we make has a single origin: the daily liturgical life of Orthodox Christianity. But we manage the design and production of our products from top to bottom, as well. Everything we make is bespoke—designed by us and proudly produced in the USA just for Parousia Press. You won’t find planners like ours elsewhere, because they are uniquely designed to sync with the Orthodox Christian calendar(s).

We offer planners for both the New (Revised Julian) Calendar and Old (Julian) Calendar.

We cross-reference the calendars of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America, the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America, and the Orthodox Church in America for the New Calendar, and that of the Russian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate) for the Old Calendar to get a complete picture of the saints and observances in each jurisdiction, and include as many of them as we possibly can in the space we have.

Yes! Fasting days are marked on monthly and weekly layouts, and the major fasting periods (Nativity, Great Lent, Apostles' Fast, Dormition Fast) are noted on the yearly layouts.

All New Calendar readings were taken from the OCA lectionary; Old Calendar readings were taken from the Moscow Patriarchiate. Whenever possible, we selected the reading specific to the saint or feast commemorated on that day.

We attend a parish of the Orthodox Church in America, Diocese of the South. We have also been part of parishes in Greek, Antiochian, and Russian (ROCOR) jurisdictions.

Eastern Orthodox, Coptic and Byzantine Catholic calendars are very similar, but they are not identical. Pascha is observed in our planners according to the Eastern calculation, rather than on the Western date for Easter. Many of the features in our planners would be useful for Coptic Orthodox and Byzantine Catholics, and some dates for fixed feasts will be the same, but the dates and observances will not align consistently. Eastern Orthodox also reverence many saints that are not canonized in the Western or Coptic traditions, and do not observe some who are. Click here for a Coptic Orthodox planner!